Purchase Tickets To The Future Activities

Purchase Tickets To The Future Activities

Move it a notch and experience fluid in design, book the most effective seats in the home and revel in VIP therapy at your personal booth with VIP table solution within the heart of Wisconsin’s most stunning music location! Yourself to an exclusive VIP package designed just for you whether you are looking for the best experience to see your favorite artist, celebrating a birthday, return single life, new job, bachelorette party, or making the most of a special night on the town, treat. *All VIP areas are strictly 21+ and set high standards for behavior and course . . .Dress to Impress!

Click for each option below, in blue, to explore the perfect VIP area for both you and your visitors:

Standing VIP

Be in from the action that is upscale experience your chosen functions through the exclusive Main VIP area. One step over the party flooring, with original & restricted access, affording both convenience and room, where you are able to mingle along with other VIP clients and relish the private VIP bar, when you enjoy prime views associated with the primary phase. Designed for categories of all sizes: 1 to 50.

Reserve a unique and space that is completely private accessible just by both you and your guests. The Skybox an air that is open of Liquid’s primary party flooring and phase, where you are able to both see and bee seen. Enjoy more privacy into the Champagne area, with elaborate decoration, fabric booth sitting, electric fireplace, and views of most three levels as well as the phase, through mirrored cup.